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Featherlite is one of the leading furniture manufacturing organisations in India, providing complete office solutions. Our core expertise lies in manufacturing innovative and cost effective customised office furniture which is functional and sustainable in nature.

We take a comprehensive approach to understanding all inputs that go into our furniture with the aim to bring in materials which are environment friendly & safe.

At Featherlite, we assess all our input materials and processes to understand their potential impact on human and environmental health. Ergonomic design along with the right materials will ensure a robust product with a long life span.

Rapidly Renewable components – In many of our products, more than 40% of the material comprises of rapidly renewable materials.

FSC certified wood – Rest assured that all our wood products are not only rapidly renewable, but that they come from forests that are managed responsibly & certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Zero VOC emission from glue and wood providing for safe manufacturing and working environment RoHS compliance – No hazardous materials or chemicals of concern are used through the ensure manufacturing process of all our products.


Lifecycle thinking & Management- Modularity is built into our design thinking. Our products are designed to be upgraded, modified, recycled; with an end of life management structure put in place..

Component standardization – Increasing efficiency & reducing redundancy across products & designs by standardizing component parts.

Measured approach – Featherlite intensively looks at the GHG emissions and carbon footprint of the manufacturing and assembly of all office furniture.
Product ownership – We provide a flexible ownership model and buyback, lease & upgrade products for customers.

Resource management – Our material efficiency is 93% and process waste is managed by empanelled partners.


  • Net Zero Carbon Positive production – A one megawatt grid-tie rooftop solar installation generates more electricity than consumed at the factory.
  • Sustainable factory construction – the factory envelope is designed and built such that more than 70% of the materials are recyclable and can be reused.
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) – Clean air emission by installing cyclone separators and stacks.
  • Wise water management – Along with efficient fittings and fixtures to reduce water consumption, the sewage treatment plant (STP) treats all used water, which is reused for all non-potable demand.
  • Rain water harvesting – Every drop of water both from rooftop & surface area runoff is captured for ground water recharging.
  • Natural Lighting – Our factory is designed for maximum natural illumination and ventilation, bringing down the dependency on artificial lighting.
  • Common transportation facility currently used by more than 95% of the employees, removing the need for private transportation.

At Featherlite, we focus on designing office furniture to be more modular & long lasting. Did you know that we have a slew of solutions that encourage you to be part of our journey on sustainability?


Responsible Materials

Wood from 3rd party certified for environmentally and
socially Responsible forestry management