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With over 59 Years of Pedigree, We Are Committed to Excellence.

About Featherlite

Featherlite has become synonymous with intelligent, well-designed furniture, desired by consumers, enterprises and corporates across sectors and industries. The company was founded in 1965 by Gopal Ramnarayan, a pioneer in the furniture industry; Featherlite soon became an industry leader in furniture manufacturing.

Featherlite has made it a part of its core values to strive towards sustainable manufacturing and become carbon negative. With a 100% solar powered factory that is spread over 5,00,000 square feet and produces more than 50,000 chairs and 15,000 workstations for more than 20,000 customers, sustainable manufacturing efforts such as our Zero Waste endeavour are a constant focus.

Featherlite has over 66 locations in India, providing end-to-end furniture and space solutions for various segments. Offering cost-effective, customised space and furniture solutions from for every sector. Featherlite has executed major multi-location projects expediently without ever compromising on customer requirements, aesthetics, ergonomics or its sustainability-first values.




To become known as India’s leading office furniture manufacturer through innovative products which encourage collaboration and increase efficiency


To engineer ergonomic, comfortable, affordable furniture and space solutions with the least impact on the environment at industry-topping standards.


Passion, innovation & consistency are reflected in every aspect of Featherlite since 1965.

Featherlite Green Factory

The Featherlite Net Zero Carbon footprint factory is completely powered by solar energy, returning 1.4 times consumption to the grid. The factory sprawls over 5,00,000 Square feet and produces 35,000 chairs and 12,000 workstations every month. The factory is able to customise, test, and produce furniture and space solutions in large volumes. The automated facility ensures consistent quality and empowers our greatest asset, our people.

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Featherlite is a premium furniture brand desired by several consumers, corporations and enterprises across various sectors.

A cornerstone of Featherlite’s identity is its commitment to sustainable manufacturing and the pursuit of carbon negativity. This commitment is exemplified by their 100% solar-powered factory, spanning 5,00,000 square feet, producing over 50,000 chairs and 15,000 workstations for 20,000+ customers. The company’s Zero Waste initiative underscores its focus on sustainability.

They have a proven track record of efficiently delivering large-scale, multi-location projects without compromising on customer needs, aesthetics, ergonomics, or their sustainability-first ethos.