Partners In The Process Of Creating Charming Spaces

Featherlite has curated a variety of products for startups that allow for splashes of life in the office while not overtaking the space entirely.

With the rapid evolution of the workplace over the last two years, catalysed greatly by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have been forced to innovate or risk being left by the wayside. Where once the workplace was a static environment, it has now become a dynamic hub of activity, a place for social interaction as much as work. For the many startups that were formed during the pandemic, this is likely the first office they have ever had, and represents an opportunity for them to build their brands persona in a way that up to now had been only a dream.

Breakout areas

A challenge that employers have faced has been drawing their talent back to the office. Having become
accustomed to working in the comfort of their own homes, whether it be on the sofa or at a desk, employees
have been hesitant to return to the more formal settings of their offices. Innovative leaders have seen this as
an opportunity to not only revamp their workspaces, but the culture surrounding them as well. Breakout areas
have expanded from small corners to sprawling oases with a medley of couches, high tables, and soft
seating. New lines of products have been introduced to facilitate a more socially balanced working
environment, while still maintaining the ethic that is necessary in an office. Products such as the Arena allow
for large scale, ad hoc meetings and cross collaboration as well as quiet, comfortable moments of work,
depending on the need of the moment.

While these breakout areas provide a wonderful respite from the daily routine in an office, they cannot fully replace the traditional work set up. To balance these needs, furniture manufacturers have had to come up with innovative methods to utilise the space available. Our workstations are being made more agile to serve a variety of needs, often doubling as meeting tables and conference tables with simple, user-friendly adjustments. By integrating technology and design, we have forged products that facilitate an optimised use of space. Products such as our Nomad, a movable screen and whiteboard, allows for meetings and teleconferences to be held anywhere, without requiring a dedicated space that can now be better utilised. Integrated technology like hot desking systems allow for a more controllable and efficient workspace.


Work better

In the world of startups, the scenario differs only in terms of scale. While studies show a significant growth in
uptake of office spaces post Covid, they highlight the increased growth of the smaller office. Keeping this
factor in mind, Featherlite has curated a variety of products for startups that allow for splashes of life in the
office while not overtaking the space entirely.

The challenges faced by company leaders are vast, from ensuring their vision is being followed to retaining talent and creating a platform for sustainable growth. Designing workspaces that keep these factors in mind is crucial. At Featherlite, we are excited to become partners that help in the process of creating spaces that help you work better and live better.