Designed to respond-Liberate Chair

Liberate Chair re-imagines the way a chair should behave, responding to the user’s every movement to provide support at any angle. The chair is built with health orientated ergonomics in mind, featuring the unique DynaFlex system that provides intelligent feedback to the user. Featherlite has incorporated this technology into a product of seamless design that blends perfectly into the modern office environment.

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This unique system is designed to offer unprecedented flexibility and freedom to the user, putting items on either side within easy reach. It also features a special flex lumbar support that synchronises perfectly with your back in all positions of recline. While in the upright, locked position, DynaFlex provides a comfortable cushioning that stimulates the spine and abdominal muscles to promote a healthy posture and back.


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The DynaFlex System

DynaFlex delivers comfort for long hours at the upright 90° position typically suited for computer use. It does so by unconsciously exercising the user’s upper body consistently through the day, thereby discreetly and effectively promoting healthy seating and improved work efficiency


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