Sit, Stand, Stretch….Repeat

Daily jogs in the park and perpetual gym sessions will not cancel out the ill effects of prolonged sitting hours at work. The concept of living a sedentary life is not new to us; the surprising part is the fact that we choose to work for continuous hours without including a little movement.

Long hours of sitting and being inactive causes the heart, lungs and muscles to not work as hard as they are required to. The longer you sit, the less efficient our body becomes. The metabolism of fats and glucose gets disrupted, which causes cholesterol and blood sugar levels to rise.

If you have an office job and spend majority of your day sitting at a computer, look for opportunities to stand. Make a deliberate effort to sit and stand at a regular interval of time to avoid straining your back. Alternating between standing and sitting through out the day can help you balance your overall movement. A sit-stand desk is seen as a novelty or a one-off option to deal with orthopedic needs or some other specific issues. There are nations that have made laws to offer workers a sit-stand desk where your monitor and keyboard can be easily raised, so you can mix up your working position. Studies reveal that a conventional worker spends about 85 per cent of his/her working hours sitting down. A sit-stand desk offers a release to that and they have been confirmed to boost productivity by about 10 per cent.

Featherlite’s versatile Neo Workstations offer you to explore the concept of sit-stand work. These panel-based workstations that provide employees with sufficient individual spaces, come along with unique height adjustable tables. These free standing tables integrated seamlessly with Neo’s partition systems allows its users to adjust them to suit the required task. Neo Height Adjustable tables, that can be operated either mechanically or electrically, allows for a variety of postures through the day.

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