SMART OFFICES- MindTree-Liberate Chair

Featherlite had supplied over 7000 chairs during the growth curve of Mindtree which had served them for over 15 years in the most demanding conditions including 24/7 operations. Keeping abreast with the latest Ergonomic preferences, Mindtree decided to replace these chairs and this time around it was a democratic method of selection involving sample chairs from all renowned manufactures globally.

Liberate High Back Liberate Medium Back

The ‘Liberate’ chair from Featherlite with the revolutionary DynaFlex  technology won an absolute majority in the selection  process from the end users and the same has also been endorsed by an independent Ergonomic consultant hired by Mindtree over several global brands showcased.

Liberate Liberate_02


OUTCOME : An order of over 13800 Liberate chairs and still counting

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