Liberate – A Chair Backed by Science

Sitting for long hours can cause back pain or even worsen an existing back problem. The main cause of back pain in general is long hours of sitting in incorrect postures, which leads to increased stress on arms, legs, back, and shoulders. Long hours of sitting also exerts large amounts of pressure to the back muscles as well as spinal discs.
Human body was designed to move constantly. However, due to the radical change in our lifestyle and a constant drift to stagnant work conditions we are unable to pay heed to our health. Studies support that deliberately changing up your posture throughout the day helps support blood flow, alleviate pressure on spinal disks, and shift localised static joint loads, just as your body is intended to do.


Several companies, in the recent past, have initiated workplace wellness programs promoting the need for healthy living amongst employees. These initiatives include perks such as free gym memberships and stocking the refrigerator with healthy food items. Nevertheless, such initiates are not enough to achieve complete wellness at modern offices.  We also need to incorporate furniture, which are comfortable, flexible and adaptable to users seating posture.
At Featherlite, we understand that a productive workplace is an essential aspect for workplace potency and thus keeping this in account, we have created a unique design to revolutionise the comfort of sitting in office. This distinctive design, supported by the DynaFlex system, provides comfortable cushioning that stimulates the spine and abdominal muscles to promote a healthy posture and back.


The DynaFlex system delivers comfort for long hours at the upright 90° position typically suited for computer use. It does so by unconsciously exercising the user’s upper body consistently through the day, thereby discreetly and effectively promoting healthy seating and improved work efficiency.
Liberate features a special flex lumbar support that synchronises perfectly with your back in all positions of recline. Thus, the chair helps you to improve your posture and reduce pain in the neck and back. Apart from these overt results, other benefits of the chair include:

  • Easier breathing– Sitting in a drooping posture blocks the lungs from taking in as much air as when sitting upright
  • Healthier joints– Poor posture can cause the joints to experience excessive wear, which can lead to spinal arthritis, facet disease or osteophytes
  • Better concentration– A reduction in ache and fatigue can free the mind towards other productive things


All said and done, it is to be understood that continued seating in a single posture can be hazardous for one’s health and well-being. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a chair that works for your body.
Discover correct sitting posture with Featherlite Liberate.


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