Helix - Blur the Boundaries

Crafted for the way we work today. Helix sets a new benchmark for task chairs. It blurs the boundaries between style, form, comfort and functionality. The slim silhouette profile and contoured back frame packs an innovative design with a palate of color options. Equipped with an adjustable lumbar support and a more refined tilt mechanism Helix has a wide range of cross-performance capabilities.

Let’s talk about the conceptualization of Helix and the thought process behind the designing of this unique office chair. We tracked the advancement of the office chairs and likewise took a look at how our lives have changed over the years. As our society turned out to be less agrarian and begun the move towards the Industrial Revolution, organizations needed to reconsider the workplace and develop new strategies to help representatives. The chair was made to take care of the major issue of obliging representatives working extended periods of time in an office. Today, the cutting edge office specialist goes through 40+ hours of work and quite a bit of that time is spent on a seat, which made our research the correct blend of form and function, in Helix more essential.

From musculoskeletal damage to physiological ailments, sitting for a really long time and sitting inappropriately accompanies a wide scope of potential symptoms. Helix can positively battle these outcomes and help employees to be seated at their desk while walking and stretch during the day. The Helix office chair, today has become a device for efficiency than a spot where we burn through the greater part of our waking hours.

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