Correct Sitting Posture, A Key To Ergonomic Seating

A Chair is a key investment any Organization can make for Employee’s Health and Organizational Health. Researchers have identified the key reason for absenteeism in office as Back Pain. Understanding of what goes in making a good chair is most important trait any manufacturer should have to be successful, and having a happy Sitting Customer.

The most important purpose of a chair is to support the spine, offer comfort at various sitting postures and allow freedom to do seated tasks. Some 15 years ago chairs were purchased based on hierarchy, today the purchases are made based on nature of work people do. It is based on people’s tendency to move, shift, fidget and adjust their positions. If you look at the common issues for discomfort in a chair, they are related to these movements people make to ensure they are comfortable. There is no adequate Lumbar support, ill-fitted seat pan depth, too high or low armrest height or chair height that does not meet requirements of an individual.

At Featherlite we understand the user requirements for various seating jobs and this understanding of issues helps us to analyze the problem areas and design our chairs to offer utmost comfortable sitting. The chairs manufactured in our state of Art Chair facility at Bangalore are as per the Indian Anthropometry, which most manufacturers fail to adhere to. It is one of the most important points to note while designing and manufacturing the chair for the Indian market.


Anthropometry is measurement of human body and helps to design products for majority users and allows inherent variability for users. To design appropriate match between users and chair we have to take into consideration the Chair height, Seat pan depth, Backrest height, Armrest and Lumbar Support. Featherlite’s chair design team never compromises on these aspects and design the same as per Indian Anthropometry. To ensure the supportive and comfortable recline movement on chair; the mechanisms are designed to allow 1:3 degree movement between seat and back. We also suggest High Backrest if the when the angle is around 105-120 degrees for Thoracic support.
Cushioning is another important aspect on a Chair. It needs to be firm and not soft, this helps distribute the weight while sitting. The chairs foam should be tested for compression and relative degree for softening, which guarantees longer life to the foam used. Along with these feature Featherlite also tests the foam for tensile strength and elongation test at the facility. These stringent tests at the design and manufacturing stages allow only the best chair to come out into the market from the Featherlite Stable.

With all these features incorporated in our chairs, we still recommend a Great Posture to be maintained by the users. Posture that exert static load on the body will interfere with the nutrition of spine and accelerate degeneration of spine; hence stressful posture adopted for 8 hours can be regarded as a health hazard. You can follow our Featherlite Chair Yoga videos on the YouTube to know more. Wish you all a Happy Sitting.

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