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    Are Your Employees Ready For Workplace Change?

    Organisations today need to frequently change and even transform in order to survive. For organisational change, such as workplace change, to be successful, the workforce needs to the ready for the change. To assist…

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    New Working Environments: The Need For Personal Space

    The walls are down, the barriers to communication swept aside. Some cheer about better teamwork, shorter distances to cover and an atmosphere of openness, while others grumble about noise, the loss of private space…

  • Featherlite Workstations

    Smart Offices -Trelleborg Office – Bangalore

    Being the group that’s driven by innovation, their design brief sought a design that facilitated transparency, connectivity, collaboration for both staff and visitors, also demanded something that would suit their ideology & belief and…

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    Correct Sitting Posture, A Key To Ergonomic Seating

    A Chair is a key investment any Organization can make for Employee’s Health and Organizational Health. Researchers have identified the key reason for absenteeism in office as Back Pain. Understanding of what goes in…

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    How is Ergonomic Office Furniture perfect for your start-up?

    Adjustable office furniture is useful across all segments of businesses. The comfort, flexibility, and smart space sense make adjustable office furniture popular among start-ups. This product line not only provides for comfortable hours of…