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CSR Activities

  • Featherlite underprivileged children help

    Featherlite Actitvities at Childin Organisation

    Underprivileged children from CHILD who are conducting the computer classes for children from underprivileged backgrounds, have sent these photos to thank Featherlite for help with the chairs. Want to share some of your precious…

  • s5

    Featherlite Sri Sathya Sai Institutions

    Being a robust and thriving furniture manufacturing company in India, Featherlite has aimed at improving the quality of seating systems in charitable institutions. All Sri Sathya Sai Institutions provided with comfortable work chairs, canteen…

  • b2

    Featherlite Activities at Ulsoor Lake

    The relief and gratitude on the faces of senior citizens cannot be measured by money – it is priceless.Benches provided around Halasuru Lake to provide a seating space for senior citizens.…

  • Jaya Organic Yojna

    Featherlite Jaya Organic Yojana

    Jaya Organic Yojana (JOY) is a grassroots movement in Karnataka, India, that leverages the collective power and network of Indian nonprofit organizations to restore soil fertility and provide business opportunities for thousands of impoverished…

  • featherlite-switches-on-to-the-green-lights

    Featherlite Switches on the Green Lights

    The World must turn to the Sun to power our Future. As the developing world lifts billions of people into prosperity, our hope for a sustainable planet rests on a bold, global initiative.– Narendra…