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  • Liberate High Back

    Designed to respond-Liberate Chair

    Liberate Chair re-imagines the way a chair should behave, responding to the user’s every movement to provide support at any angle. The chair is built with health orientated ergonomics in mind, featuring the unique…

  • Liberate

    SMART OFFICES- MindTree-Liberate Chair

    Featherlite had supplied over 7000 chairs during the growth curve of Mindtree which had served them for over 15 years in the most demanding conditions including 24/7 operations. Keeping abreast with the latest Ergonomic…

  • ergonomic-chairs-online

    Why Startups Should Choose Ergonomics over Bean Bags

    In entering a business, facilities are important. Every office needs tables, chairs, computers and many more. With this, it is always best to choose the facilities that are comfortable to use. One of the…

  • ergonomic-chairs-online-1

    How To Choose the Right Ergonomic Chair

    Proper work chair is supposed to deliver postural equilibrium or proper support for the natural alignment of the body, through different postures. Through providing support for where the body wants to be, an office…

  • Liberate-Post-infocus

    Liberate – A Chair Backed by Science

    Sitting for long hours can cause back pain or even worsen an existing back problem. The main cause of back pain in general is long hours of sitting in incorrect postures, which leads to…