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    Designing to Ease the Flow of People and Ideas

    When approaching the task of designing a new office, we need to remember that designing is not synonymous with decorating. Designing should change employee behavior – not just change aesthetics. The Three Work Modes…

  • Mid adult woman sitting on floor, leaning on sofa, talking on, using laptop, side view

    Is Working from Home really the answer?

    Thought home-based staff were unproductive? You’ll be shocked at number of workplace distractions Staff working from home are prone to distractions – the TV is in full view, the couch is comfy and the…

  • Reasons to buy workstations online

    Reasons to buy workstations online

    Maybe a decade ago we didn’t think that furniture can be bought online too. And, definitely, it must not have occurred that there would be advantages of buying them online. However, times have changed…

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    How To Choose the Right Ergonomic Chair

    Proper work chair is supposed to deliver postural equilibrium or proper support for the natural alignment of the body, through different postures. Through providing support for where the body wants to be, an office…

  • Adjustable-Table

    Sit, Stand, Stretch….Repeat

    Daily jogs in the park and perpetual gym sessions will not cancel out the ill effects of prolonged sitting hours at work. The concept of living a sedentary life is not new to us; the surprising…

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    Liberate – A Chair Backed by Science

    Sitting for long hours can cause back pain or even worsen an existing back problem. The main cause of back pain in general is long hours of sitting in incorrect postures, which leads to…